IP Telephony: What Is It and What Are Its Advantages?

IP Telephony: What Is It and What Are Its Advantages?

IP telephony , or VoIP, is now a must for businesses and call centers. An increasing number of companies are choosing it for their in-house communications and were won over by the benefits it brings. But what is VoIP all about, and what are the advantages of this technology?


VoIP Telephony

In short, the VoIP acronym stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. IP telephony, therefore, works with an Internet connection rather than with a standard phone line.


Some Well-Known Advantages to IP Telephony


Lower Costs

Using an IP telephony system brings lower monthly fees than those that come with using a more conventional system. This means your company can save big!


Optimal Mobility and Productivity

With IP telephony, your business telephone line follows you everywhere you go since it’s not connected to a land line. As a result, you and your employees can be reached when you’re on the go or even at home. No more missed or lost calls, and no more taking business calls on your cellphone!


Call Quality

IP telephony offers bright, high quality, and high definition calls, no matter the strength of your company’s Internet connection.


Ready to Make the Switch? But Before You Do, Here Are Some Things to Consider.


Is it the right time to transfer to IP telephony?

It’s important to wait until your land line phone contract ends before switching to VoIP, at the risk of having to pay for cancellation fees. Also, keep in mind that it would be better to transition to an IP telephony system at a quieter time because you don’t want the installation process and adjustments to interfere with your daily business activities. A relocation, the end of a fiscal year or another less hectic time of the year would be ideal.


What type of IP telephony system do I need?

Choosing an IP phone system means replacing your old phones, an investment which would be wise to plan ahead. The price of an IP phone varies widely from model to model and depends on the quality of the design. Ask a Voysis professional for help in finding the right device based on your company’s needs and requirements.


Also, take the time to switch to an IP telephony system properly. Once the change is made, you won’t look back, and you’ll quickly notice how beneficial this change is to your company, its efficiency, and productivity.


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