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Unmatched convenience and corridor mobility: that’s what you will have access to with Mitel’s Bluetooth modules and Bluetooth handset. Designed for Mitel’s 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP phones, these accessories allow users to enjoy greater comfort without ever missing a call when they’re not sitting at their desk!

Mitel’s Bluetooth accessories come with the Bluetooth handset and headset, allowing users to receive calls in a 90-meter range from their personal desk in the company’s office tower. Users can therefore continue using their office phone remotely, within adjacent offices. Mitel’s Bluetooth accessories also allow users to make outgoing calls.

Convenient and pleasant to use, these accessories boast a variety of simple features developed for optimal use: volume control and mute keys, built-in ringer, up to 6 hours’ talk time and up to 44 hours’ standby time, speed dial programming, secretary speed dial key (Speak@Ease), battery recharge time of 3 hours of less and much more.

Mitel’s Bluetooth headset and handset are compatible with the MiVoice Business Console. Like all Mitel products, they are designed to foster and promote superior quality business communication while making it easier for employees to interact and network with clients. This leads to an increase in commercial operations and productivity. In addition to being known for their ease of use and convenience, with Mitel’s Bluetooth accessories, you are sure to never miss a call again!

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No more missed calls when you step away from your desk for a few minutes!

  • Supports up to six Bluetooth devices per Bluetooth Module
  • Supports pairing with third-party Bluetooth headsets, including those with multipoint or multiuse capability
  • Initiate Call / End Call, Volume, and Mute Keys
  • Built-in ringer in the Bluetooth Handset
  • Place outbound calls while mobile with programmable “Auto Speed Dial” upon off-hook
  • Speak@Ease or "0" for Secretary speed call
  • Six hours talk time, 44 hours standby time
  • Battery recharge time of three hours or less
  • Operating range of up to 30 feet (10 Meters) from the 5330 / 5340 / 5360 IP Phones
  • Supported on Mitel MiVoice Business