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Whether your goal is to offer superior customer service, increase customer satisfaction by means of a user-friendly menu, control your costs or give your agents greater freedom, MiContact Center is the product you need.

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MiContact, an effective solution for call centers and contact centers

Voysis recommends using MiContact Center, a Mitel telephony solution that can be tailored to the needs of a variety of call centers, big or small: formal, informal, Microsoft Lync, etc.

Mitel’s call center and contact center solutions allow you to handle every little detail to make better use of the latest technological trends and make better organizational decisions. These solutions are enhanced with robust and flexible features allowing you to ensure greater monitoring, produce more detailed reports and plan the productivity of your agents.

A call center is the window of a company’s identity: it ensures operational effectiveness by reducing costs, and increases both income and client satisfaction. After all, outstanding service fosters customer loyalty!

At Voysis, we are Mitel-certified for the installation of MiContact Center systems designed to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated call centers. If you want more information on MiContact Center’ benefits and features, contact the Voysis experts. One of our team members will be pleased to advise and guide you into choosing a telephony system that meets your company’s needs on all levels.

Call recording - MiVoice Call Recording

The MiContact Center systems installed by Voysis come with reliable and powerful call recording software Mitel MiCall Recorder.

Mitel MiVoice Call Recorder allows you to ensure regulatory compliance, control risk potential, resolve disputes and accomplish multiple tasks required to keep your business running.

The software includes the following features:

  • Selective recording (extensions that will be monitored);
  • Ability to extract and share parts of a call recording;
  • Security system that lets you access call recordings discreetly;
  • Call visualization, to get a call overview;
  • Ability to send a file;
  • And much more.

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