Whether you are looking to find the right person to contact quickly, share documents, work faster and better, take important calls or be in control of the device you use, MiCollab is able to offer you all this and much more.

Mobility – Teleworking

Efficient messaging

Audio, Video and Web Conferencing

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Telephony Solution

Voysis sells and installs products and systems from global telephony leader Mitel. MiCollab plays a key part in Mitel’s open architecture. This advanced tool gives you more leeway and allows you to be available at all times. This solution can be easily integrated with your office phone, cell phone, tablet or device of your choice.

This dynamic and interactive platform fosters exchanges in your team, increases productivity and allows for a more efficient coordination.

Here are some of MiCollab’s key features:

  • Corporate and personal contacts directory
  • Detailed call history
  • Secure instant messaging
  • Video
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Office, Office 365 and Google
  • Messaging and telephony (see who is available to take calls, messages or for video conferencing)

Voysis is an IP solution leader. We only install superior quality systems for our clients, in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of their business. Contact one of our Voysis experts today and get the information you need on our IP solutions!

MiCollab: a world of features

MiCollab: a world of features

Audio, Video and Web Conferencing

Through remote access, MiCollab’s easy-to-use “Conference” feature allows you to collaborate to a project on your terms, schedule meetings, and share your application and screen from your office or elsewhere in the world.


Your employees can log in to the system from home or on the road, and have access to all the functionalities of your corporate environment.

Unified messaging

Your employees will have the opportunity to take their voicemail, e-mails and incoming faxes over a single platform. 

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