MiVoice Conference Phone

MiVoice Conference Phone

from Mitel

With 16 built-in microphones, Mitel’s MiVoice Conference Phone offers top audio quality, a wide range of display choices, embedded file sharing options and more, making it an easy-to-use device.

Make your phone conferences more productive and efficient with this high-performance terminal.

You probably already attended a conference call that was hard to follow, where a single traditional phone with poor audio quality was used. For each speaker to be heard clearly, the phone had to be passed from one user to the next. But then again, this was probably a useless thing to do since no one could be heard properly and no one was isolated from other side conversations. Or maybe you had to participate in a phone conference with little time to prepare and had no choice but to describe each document compiled the day before?

Mitel can make your phone conferences run smoother with efficient and needs oriented solutions. Mitel’s MiVoice Conference Unit helps businesses carry out clear and undistorted conversations in a more productive way. As soon as someone starts speaking, the device’s 16 microphones and HD audio capabilities come into play and focus on the person talking. You won’t ever have to make someone repeat what they said as this device reduces ambient noise.

By adding an embedded web browser to the Mitel conference unit, you will be able to share various conference-related files via online collaboration services. This feature comes in handy and proves effective in leading uninterrupted conferences.

Mitel’s MiVoice device for conferences is easy to use and will completely change the way you do business conferences.

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The conference phone also has a large touch screen display with embedded collaboration services and Web browser, so participants can access, view & collaborate, and drive in-room presentations – without the need for a dedicated PC in the room.

Not only is the MiVoice Conference phone easy to use, setup is as simple as any other IP/SIP phone.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Wideband Audio (22kHz) provides a larger audio dynamic range that matches human speech and hearing to provide a cleaner, crisper sound experience.
  • Beamforming Technology provides smooth, seamless transition between microphones and focuses microphones on the active speaker without needing to boost microphone gain, virtually eliminating background noise / side conversations from impacting the far end audio experience.
  • Array of 16 microphones embedded around the phone provides 360 sound pickup from up to 12 feet away minimizing the need for external microphones for most meeting room deployments.
  • Speaker designed for enhanced playback clarity and resistance to mobile phone and wireless device interference.
  • Tight integration with Mitel communications and collaboration solutions, helps maximize your ROI with your Mitel UCC investment.
  • Embedded applications, such as WebEx and Join.me clients provides quick & easy access to cloud-based collaboration services – including the ability to support tablet driven presentations in the meeting room.
  • Embedded web browser provides users with access to other cloud-based services, such as Gmail and Exchange Web, for personal contact dialing and chat functions directly via the MiVoice Conference Phone.
  • Simply deployment to access embedded collaboration capabilities - connect the phone via a HDMI cable to a hi-definition display / projector.
  • Loaded with high-end solution sound & functionality with the price point of traditional mid-range audio conference phone.