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Voysis installs Mitel telephony products that rank among the most reliable and advanced on the market. Our IP BPX hosting services guarantee our clients’ peace of mind.

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Service de Hosted IP Telephony

MiVoice phone system for businesses

Voysis installs and configures MiVoice systems for businesses. This hosted solution allows you to centralize your material, software and staff in a single off-site physical location. It is the data center that enables the IP telephony system to perform at optimum level.

Thanks to an easy and simple configuration, you will be able to quickly organize your servers according to your needs and requirements. This service is also available on a pay-on-demand basis.

Using a virtual center increases employee mobility and productivity, fosters innovation, reduces the resources necessary and operating costs, and allows you to offer new products and services.

If you would like to learn more about Voysis’ hosting solutions and how they can improve your commercial operations, feel free to contact our team. One of our consultants will be happy to answer you and analyze your needs.



Voysis-I (MarWatch) is a service that allows you to manage outages and how Mitel phone systems perform. Often complex, today’s IP telephony systems must put in a flawless performance. The Voysis-I solution maintains your systems in good working condition and reduces your costs.

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