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Cloud telephony is an IP telephony solution that reduces in-house infrastructure costs while helping your company improve its performance. Since your system’s data is stored in the Cloud, there is no need for keeping on-premise material or full-time technical staff.  VoysisCloud telephony systems are connected to a secure data center dedicated to your company’s own infrastructure, and come at a fixed cost.

Zero Up-front Costs

Feature Rich

Minimal Risk

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VoysisCloud: a Mitel MiVoice system

By choosing a Cloud IP telephony system, you will save on costs, increase your company’s flexibility and productivity through technical modernization, configure your company’s infrastructure easily and quickly, and improve continuity of operations.

VoysisCloud will help you modernize your company’s services, have control over your costs and get the right solution for your telephony needs.

Trust our experts: the Voysis team will give you advice and help you find the right Cloud telephony system for your company’s needs.

How does a Cloud system work?

How does a Cloud system work?

It’s simple: the data from your telephony system is stored in a secured center. Your VoysisCloud platform is hosted in our Montreal Tier 3 Data Centre which you can easily connect to via the internet. 

Great flexibility

VoysisCloud’s telephony systems are flexible and allow you to add users when you need to. Simply contact Voysis with the number of systems needed and a member of our team will take care of delivering and connecting you to the system.

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